In Person or Online Summer Course Students' Choice Creative Writing: Going to the Dogs

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  • Class Size:
    4-8 Students
  • Times:
    M-F, weekly 1.5 classes 9:30-11 am every week from June 7 through August 27. Afternoon classes 2:00-3:30 Weeks July 6, July 13.
  • Schedule:
    Note that June 28 week of July 4th, (4 days, prorated fee).

Course description

This class will be offered either in person or via zoom depending on demand. If in person, students will be required to wear masks and socially distance regardless of vaccination status. Please contact me and specify which format you prefer. I will not teach a class in person and remotely at the same time because it is suboptimal. I am also open to teaching outside, although that can be distracting. For in person classes, a fan and air purifier will be used. The studio does have several doors to allow a cross draft but no windows can be opened. No eating or drinking will be allowed in the classroom and students should bring their own notebook and pencil to use during class. To further minimize contact, I highly recommend students have their bathroom break at home. Parents are also asked to not wait in the studio during class time. Hand sanitizer will be available. Each session will be 1.5 hours and includes writing time. Class size will also be kept to 6 or fewer in person or 8 or fewer via zoom to allow greater teacher-student interaction. Each week, student's will choose what topic they want to use for that week's creative writing class. The following describes Going to the Dogs Creative Writing class. You are choosing only the class time, the students choose the subject on Monday of the class.

Empathy is the ability to imagine the emotions and feelings of another being. This “right-brained” ability also improves creativity and emotional intelligence. In Omega's Going to the Dogs Creative Writing class, students will image their life as a dog. As the domestic animal with the greatest variety, a dog exists for every personal preference. Students will improve their empathy by creating a dog character and various canine narratives in both graphic (cartoon) and written form. The dog as character and metaphor in literature, arts and film will also be discussed, including written and audio excerpts. Instructor may invite special doggie guests. Enrollment: $225*


Seminar Syllabus

  • Day 1: In Dog We Trust: Dogs As Character and Metaphor
  • Day 2: My Life as a Dog I: How to Draw and Animate Your Dog Avatar
  • Day 3: My Life as a Dog II: First Person POV Narrative
  • Day 4: Best in Show: Persuasive Writing
  • Day 5: One Nation Under Dog: Advertising and Marketing

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