Hillview Afterschool Writing Workout: Wed in person 1005 Windsor Drive

  • Entering grades:
  • Class Size:
    4-10 Students
  • Times:
    Wed. 2:45pm - 3:45pm in person, instructor's backyard 1005 Windsor Drive, Menlo Park, 10 minute walk from Hillview.
  • Schedule:
    9-12 lessons, Fall, Winter, Spring trimesters.

Course description

The Hillview Afterschool Writing Workout feature short, in-class exercises designed to complement Hillview’s class work and improve a student’s writing. Lessons are highly interactive and with an emphasis on fun to enhance student interest. Students will participate and practice the common criteria needed to write well in any genre: Voice, Audience, Structure and Editing (VASE). Students will have the opportunity to review, discuss and present their writing, including school assignments. No homework. $350 per trimester..
FALL: Wed Sept 8 -Dec 15; Thurs Sept 9-Dec 16. (14 to 15 classes). No class: Wed Oct 6, Wed Nov 24
WINTER: Wed Jan 12 - Mar 23 (10 classes). No class: Wed Feb 23
SPRING: Wed Apr 13 Jun 8; (9 classes). No classes during Parent-Teacher Conferences or school holidays. Currently at instructor's home, 1005 Windsor Drive, outside in backyard. 10 minute walk from Hillview.

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Drop in fees, scholarship and sibling discounts available. Start anytime. Fees prorated. If paying drop in, please contact instructor directly. Space available, sign up now! Younger students (5th grade) and non-Hillview students welcome but please contact instructor for approval. If you cannot make Wednesday, Sunday morning zoom class also available at 10:00 am for makeup. Please contact if questions.
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